Shadows Over Dawnland

Shadows Over Dawnland will soon be on its way!

Here is a look at the cover. It shows the “face of Hobomock” one of the most important spirits for the Quinnipiac people. He was both an agent of misfortune and trouble, bringing disease for example, but he was also a healer when appealled to for help. In the Quinnipiac cosmology, Hobomock often manifested himself through the Lower World within the Earth so the image of his face on the cliff known today as Bluff Head in North Guilford, Connecticut was a significant and powerful sign.

As shamans or powwows, Ponaim and his mentor Commossuck understood the influence of Hobomock on events and worked to learn what his message might be and also to appease and appeal to him for help in healing individuals as well as the entire community.

On the cover of Shadows Over Dawnland, you can see the profile of Hobomock tucked under the title!

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