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Welcome to the official website of author James T. Powers. As a prolific Author and Researcher, his mission in life is to tell stories of historical significance. Take a look through the site to find everything from his latest work to past projects.

James T. Powers first developed a life-long love of history while growing up in the old industrial town of Wallingford, Connecticut where he came to realize that the past was all around us and that by connecting to it we could come to better understand who we are.  Following graduation from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, James committed  himself to a career of sharing that love through the teaching of history.
Over the years, his interests and expertise have  expanded to include local archeology and the study of 17th to 19th Century New England architecture both of which he taught during his career at Guilford High School in Guilford, Connecticut.  Besides a BA, James has also received two Masters Degrees from  Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.

This August 27th (2021) Shadows Over Dawnland was released by The Beacon Publishing Group ( An historical novel, Shadows Over Dawnland chronicles the historic events that confronted the Quinnipiac, the Indigenous people who called Southern Connecticut home, when English colonists arrived to settle among them. Set during the years 1630 to 1686, Shadows Over Dawnland tells the tragic story of the impact the English arrival had on the Quinnipiac through the eyes of a shaman who struggles to save his people and their way of life. For more information on Shadows Over Dawnland, click on the book on the menu above and look for announcements soon through this site’s blog.

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The Face of Hobomock on the ridge in North Guilford Connecticut


James also will have another book published and released on October 29, 2021 by John Hunt Publishing in the United Kingdom ( The book will be part of the publisher’s Earth Spirit Series along with those of authors from the UK, U.S., Canada, and Australia. Ancient Wisdom, Modern Hope; Relearning Environmental Connectiveness looks at the arrival of indigenous people in Southern New England and how their eco-spiritual world-view facilitated a harmonious nature based existence and how that view and their way of life was fractured by the arrival of European traders and settlers and the philosophy that has since dominated. The book calls for a realignment of modern attitudes with traditional indigenous values and beliefs… a return to or development of eco-spiritual values in our modern society. It’s an important message for our culture to transform our relationship with nature and the environment as we confront the growing climate crisis.

The Cover for Ancient Wisdom, Modern Hope
Ancient Wisdom, Modern Hope began with a hike to a local Rock Shelter used for thousands of years by the Indigenous people of the area .

James is excited to announce the start of his Historic Property Consultation company:  Seeking the Past Historical Consulting specializing in the architectural and biographical history of historic properties and helping school systems and local historical organizations develop educational programs based upon local historical resources.  Click on the link above or visit for more information.

Books by James T. Powers

His first book,  Saving the Farm; A Journey through Time, Place, and Redemption published by Homebound Publications (, is a product of his passion for the past.  His second book, Seeing the Past; Stories on the Trail of a Yankee Millwright  ( tells little known stories in Connecticut history as James follows the life of 19th century millwright Milo Todd.  Both are available by contacting James at jpowers1741@gmail.  

James is proud to announce the recent publication of  On the Edge of Uncertainty: The Siege and Battles of Saybrook Fort during the Pequot War1636-1637. For a copy  contact the Old Saybrook Historical Society at


Available Now
The story of ten generations of the Dudley Family of North Guilford, Ct. and the people who came together to save their farm.

Contact James at jpower1741@gmail.

Books Now Available

Seeing the Past; Stories on the Trail of a Yankee Millwright

Now Available.

Follow 19th century Millwright Milo Todd as he wanders Connecticut pursuing the American Dream while discovering little known stories from Connecticut’s past.

Contact James at

The story of the dramatic seven month siege of the small English garrison at the tiny fort at the mouth of the Connecticut River by the Pequot and allies during the Pequot War in 1636-1637. Now available by contacting the Old Saybrook Historical Society at

Contact Information: 860-967-7103 77 South End Avenue, Durham Ct. 06422