Ancient Wisdom, Modern Hope; Relearning Environmental Connectiveness

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Hope; Relearning Environmental Connectiveness was released this October (2021) by John Hunt Publishing ( located in the United Kingdom. The book is part of the publisher’s Earth Spirit Series along with those of authors from the UK, U.S., Canada, and Australia. 

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Hope; Relearning Environmental Connectiveness looks at the arrival of indigenous people in the Southern New England and how their eco-spiritual world-view facilitated a harmonious nature based existence and how that view and their way of life was fractured by the arrival of European traders and settlers and the philosophy that has since dominated. The book calls for a realignment of modern attitudes with traditional indigenous values and beliefs… a return to or development of eco-spiritual values in our modern society. It’s an important message for our culture to transform our relationship with nature and the environment as we confront the growing climate crisis.

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Endorsements for Earth Spirit: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Hope; Relearning Environmental Connectiveness

In Ancient Wisdom, Modern Hope James Powers offers a blueprint for reconnecting with nature in ways that can help us both understand where we have come from and choose more wisely the direction in which we’re headed. Leading the reader on a journey through the history of the native peoples of his beloved New England, Powers underscores the importance of an animistic worldview: the idea that plants, animals, and the Earth itself are inspirited beings worthy of reverence and respect. This is not a how-to book in the usual sense of starting projects or activities. Instead, it is one that invites the reader toward a change of heart and mind that will inform their decisions going forward toward a better world.

Laura Perry, author of Ariadne’s Thread

Insightful, wise, and timely. Jim Powers gives us a number of unique and crucial considerations that must become part of the conversation about global warming. Moving back in time and beyond the science, Earth Spirit reveals ancient perspectives and essential solutions for stemming the tide of climate change, both individually and collectively. Well-written and researched, concise and crystal clear!

Jane B. Burns, OM Shamanic Practitioner, Celtic Reiki Master, Shamanic Teacher and Practitioner, author of Up A Tree: A Shamanic Handbook and Novel.

James T. Powers writes a passionate exploration about our profound relationship to the environment throughout history and the importance of relearning the sustainable habits of the past so that we can thrive in the future. The earth and our spirits are intertwined, making it our divine responsibility to heal the environment and live in a way that enables us to live in harmony with all things. Ancient Wisdom Modern Hope is a must-read book for the modern mystic looking to restore the balance between the earth and those who inhabit it.  

Dr. Maria DeBlassie, author of Everyday Enchantments

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