Seeking the Past Historical Consulting

Historical Research Services

The mission of Seeking the Past Historical Consulting is to bring a greater understanding and appreciation of local history to property owners, the public and local educational institutions.

We specialize in:

  • The Architectural and Biographical History of Historic Properties.
  • Development of Educational Units based on Local History.
  • Assistance of Local Historical Societies in research and educational projects.

Development of Educational Units based on Local History.

Every local community is unique and has stories to tell about their past.  The problem is how to integrate those stories into the local school curriculum especially with the growing academic pressures all systems face.  

By making local history relevant and meaningful for students they can appreciate their shared past.  Students can develop a sense of place and an understanding of what makes their community unique.

Every Community has Stories to Tell

What are the stories from the past

What stories best fit within the local and state Social Studies Guidelines

  • Work with local historical resources
    • Develop appropriate lessons
    • Develop a working relationship between local historical organizations and school systems

Assistance of Local Historical Societies in Research and
Educational Projects.

Every historical organization would like to improve how they bring history of their community to the public.  Seeking the Past Historical Consulting can assist in that important mission.


  • Work together with the local history organization
    • Analyze resources
    • Discuss what story might be told
  • Suggest possible programs that can be developed
    • Based on resources available
    • Staff and volunteer availability
  • Assist in the Development of Program to be offered.

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The Stephen Smith House


Higganum, Connecticut

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